The Gift of Change

Hello Everyone!

A big change has happened to me that has caused me to pause and reflect. My husband and I are no longer together and, as a result, I have had to go through many new changes in my life over the last four months. I have given myself plenty of time to grieve and to stay silent. This process allowed me to be able to ignite the flame within me in a totally profound and beautiful way.

Because my purpose here on earth is to help others Awaken to their Inner Flame, I’d like to share my experiences with you, in the hopes that this may be of benefit to others who have to go through challenges of their own.

When such a shocking, unexpected turn of events happened to me, a large lightening bolt of grief overcame me. Throughout this process, the Angels were right there, by my side, guiding me each and every step of the way.

Step 1: Trust in the Process – As soon as this happened, I immediately was told from my Inner Self to Trust that this is happening for a good reason. I kept feeling the push within my heart to trust in this process. And, as afraid as I was, I knew that my Higher Self knew better. So, I got out of the way and trusted.

Step 2: Surrender to This Grief – I was guided to surrender to this pain. So, I allowed myself to grieve. I allowed myself to cry and to cry again and again and again. I went deep into my heart and allowed myself to feel the sadness of losing someone I have loved so dearly. As I allowed this process to take place, a beautiful feeling of love enveloped me. I was being showered by love from within. I could feel a blanket of love filling my well. Because I entered the sacredness of my heart and its grief, I was also touched by the sacredness of the love that dwells within my heart.

Step 3: Witness and Release the Anger – As strange as this may sound, I surrendered to feeling angry that this all happened. As I surrendered to this, something beautiful happened. Instead of getting involved in this anger, I just allowed myself to release this anger. I did not want to be blinded by the illusion of the stories I had from my anger. I just wanted to acknowledge the anger and be done with it. I was guided to witness my anger rather than allow it to take me over. As it came up, I released it. I found myself feeling love during this process, since I was able to be a witness to my anger.

Step 4: Surrender to My Heart – Steps 1 to 3 took me approximately 2 months. Steps 4 and 5 took me another 2 months and they have been very beautiful months. I allowed myself to feel the glory of my breath and the glory of my life. Like a baby who sees things for the first time, I found myself looking and experiencing people and things in a way that I have never before. I took some time to nurture myself and allowed other people to nurture me. I relished in this feeling of love. I was very still. I kept quiet on the internet, besides reaching out to my friends. I connected to this stillness within. After about 5 weeks of doing this, the most beautiful, powerful love flowed out of me like a geyser. This love that is flowing from me is so intense, I realize I have been so gifted by this change in my life. I have felt even more deeply touched by the heart of God, so to say. This overflowing geyser has opened up a new me in a big way. There is now even a stronger love flowing out of my heart as a result.

Final Step: Transform Like a Butterfly – I was totally overwhelmed with this beauty coming from within that a new me had to emerge. I am in this step at the moment and I’m not sure how long this process will be. Because I am so incredibly touched by this love that is so much deeper than before, new creative ideas are also emerging from me. I am being so completely gifted by this Universal Heart. As I allowed myself to cocoon like a moth and to surrender to this pain, to release this anger, and to emerge with my heart, a new butterfly is being born. I am so touched. I never knew four months ago that I would feel this way. But I do. Through this transformation process, I continue to surrender to my heart in a new way than I ever have before, and I then listen. I listen to these creations coming from Spirit. And, I keep listening. More and more comes. The deeper my love of self occurs, the deeper the creations get. I am so excited and touched at the same time of this sacred experience and of the gifts that are emerging. I am blessed.


Recently, a fairy came to me and said, “It’s time to Awaken from Your Slumber”. She was so sweet and had a lovely smile on her face. I was touched by her compassion and her love. She was suggesting that I start getting active again with sharing my heart to the world and in a new way that can help others on a greater level. So, this is why I am sharing this with you, in the hopes that it may help some of you who have been grief-stricken. The most important thing to do throughout this process is to allow yourself to be blessed by that sacredness within every step of the way. Try not to allow yourself to get stuck in the why me. Try not to allow yourself to be lost in the stories of anger. Just let them come to the surface and release them. Don’t become a part of them. Just release them. Those feelings only served you to allow yourself to release them. Then, comes the beautiful part – joining that sacredness within. Do things to nurture yourself, so that you can be reminded of this beauty that exists within. The more and more you do it, the more you experience this overwhelming love coming from within. And, then, you are gifted with the most amazing transformation and birth of a new you. Just like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, you will do the same. The caterpillar knows that this process must occur in order to transform.

I send you lots of love and a big, compassionate heart for those of you who are also having to go through this journey.



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