Zenith Omega

What Zenith Omega™ is:

Etheric Light & Colour are used to release Energy blocks from your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies, restoring you to a Higher State of Potential & Beingness.

Zenith Omega™ helps with all aspects of your life. The key to Zenith Omega™unlocks your potential as a being to make choices for the betterment of yourself. Our thoughts create blockages within our Energy Field, disabling the immaculate Power of the Flow of Light from the Creator. Zenith Omega™allows for that flow to be restored with the Creator. When this takes place, You are once more united to the Divine Within, thereby making Powerful Choices that are in union with your Higher Self. These choices sustain the flow, allowing healing to take place on all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is Your Divine Choice as a Being of Light.

The Technique:

A Space of Zenith Omega™ Energy is held around you while the healing takes place. The practitioner directs a combination of Sound Frequency and Symbols, by the use of Colour and Sacred Geometry to the Meridian and Energy Centres of the Bodies of Your Energy Field. Because this is Energy Work, the Blockages are Cleared all the way to its source.

At the beginning of the Session, we will discuss any concerns you may have regarding your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and what you would like to achieve during this appointment. It is very important to set your intention prior to any Energy Healing, so that all will be done only for Your Highest Good and according to your Divine Will and Plan. 75-minute sessions are available.

Based on the consultation, the Guides will select Clearings from Zenith Omega™ Levels 1-6 that will benefit you the most at this moment in time.

The Clearings:

For more detailed information on Zenith Omega™ Levels 1-6 Clearings, open up the following link…

What will I experience during a Zenith Omega™ Session?

The experience varies from person to person. Some of the experiences people have shared with me are the following:

  • Seeing images of past lives in the mind’s eye;
  • Seeing Light and Colours in the mind’s eye;
  • Emotional feelings come up to the surface and a positive release occurs;
  • A vortex of energy going up the spine, making the body move slightly in a circular motion;
  • Angels embracing the client and assisting with the healing;
  • Positive changes in people’s lives have occurred afterwards; and
  • Clients have sometimes felt nothing during the session, but they walked away feeling a stronger sense of balance, and being more in touch with their higher wisdom.

How do I book a Session?

Are you ready to re-ignite the Divine flow within you? Book Online to set-up an appointment for your powerful Zenith Omega session.

Payments can be made by Cash or through Paypal.

75-Minute Zenith Omega (ZO) Session(s)


75-Minute Zenith Omega (ZO) Session(s)


Zenith Omega

  • Aligns you to your Sacred Path
  • Clears you of unwanted habits, helping you to make better choices in life
  • Relieves you of stuck patterns
  • Helps you to feel more at ease
  • Assists you in making a stronger connection with Benevolent Beings
  • Frees you from avenues that lead to disease