Resonance Repatterning

What Resonance Repatterning is: 

We all have moments of non-coherence with our mind, body, and spirit. We may be behaving in a totally different way than what our heart is guiding us to do. Sometimes, we do not know why we are behaving the way we are behaving. We may be attracting difficult situations in our lives. We may be experiencing pain, anguish, anxiety, health problems, relationship difficulties, financial challenges, issues with our career or with our boss, and depression or suffering on all kinds of levels, to name a few. When we are experiencing these negative situations, we are not in sync with our higher state of coherence. We are not in sync with the true part of ourselves.

Resonance Repatterning identifies, using muscle checking, what it is you are out of sync with. The System then brings you back in sync with your powerful, true way of being. You become empowered and resonate to positive possibilities.

How Resonance Repatterning Helps:

A Resonance Repatterning Session helps with every aspect of your life. It, truly, is Empowering. I am blown away by the effects of this healing system. Some examples that Resonance Repatterning can help you with are overcoming sickness and pain, creating harmonious relationships with your spouse or your co-workers, resonating to solutions to your current business problems, resolving financial issues, overcoming stress and anxiety, and feeling an overall sense of joy and happiness.

At the beginning of the Session, we will discuss any concerns you may have regarding your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and what you would like to achieve during this appointment. It is very important to set your intention prior to any Energy Healing, so that all will be done only for Your Highest Good and according to your Divine Will and Plan. Sessions may last approximately 75 Minutes. Please leave room in your schedule for extra time, just in case it is needed.

Would Resonance Repatterning be Useful for Me? 

My question would be, “How is Resonance Repatterning NOT useful for you?” We all have unconscious patterns keeping us stuck in a cyclic pattern. This is the only modality I have found so far that goes straight in and discovers the pattern and changes the resonance to it, so that it is no longer a part of our lives. Pretty amazing!

What will I experience during a Resonance Repatterning Session?

The session will all be driven by me doing muscle checking. The session is more like a consultation, whereby I will be doing the muscle checking to determine what type of healing needs to be done and with the specifics that you need to work on. I will be utilizing the following Resonance Repatterning Methods: The Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning, Transforming Primary Patterns, Transforming Unconscious Patterns, Transforming Chakra Patterns, and Transforming Five Element and Meridian Patterns. The experience varies from person to person. Some of the experiences people have shared with me during or weeks after the session are the following:

  • A feeling of peace fills the body and a beautiful sense of knowingness occurs;
  • Emotional feelings come up to the surface and a positive release occurs;
  • Debilitating emotional issues go away and do not come back;
  • Uncontrolled reactions no longer surface and the person has no reason to feel uneasy anymore;
  • Relationship issues get resolved in a miraculous way;
  • Solutions to money challenges occur naturally in the person’s life;
  • Positive changes in people’s lives have occurred afterwards where they once felt so stuck on their path; and
  • Clients have sometimes felt nothing during the session, but have experienced either subtle or tremendous changes in their lives shortly after.

How do I book a Session?

Are you ready be more Empowered than ever before and to feel a sense of relief that one of your unconscious patterns finally lay to rest? Book Online to set-up an appointment for your Resonance Repatterning Session.

Payments can be made by Cash or through Paypal.

75-Minute Resonance Repatterning (RP) Session(s)


75-Minute Resonance Repatterning (RP) Session(s)

Resonance Repatterning

  • Empowers you to make better choices in your life
  • Liberates you from problems that you have been stuck on
  • Frees you from debilitating reactions that you felt you had no control over
  • Aligns you with a sense of peace