Releasing and Creating – A Message from Goddess Diana

goddess_diana_releasing_and_creatingGoddess Diana has come by to provide us with a helpful tool – the Moon – to assist us with releasing all that no longer serves us and for assisting us with creating Joyful new experiences in our lives. Without further ado, here is her message.

Releasing and Creating – A Message from Goddess Diana

Beloved ones, have you heard of the grace that the moon offers? The moon is still, yet mighty. She awakens the sleeplessness within us. She carries our worries afar and graces us with the blissfulness of her bounties. Every month, she is there to clear and create. Every month there is a new moon and a full moon. Throughout the month, she carries your desires into fruition. And, every month, she is there to forgive us and renew us yet again. During the full moon, she honours us with the ability to let go all of that which no longer serves us. She gracefully accepts your woes and lovingly clears your crevices, so that you can make room for your new creations. During the new moon, she is there to hear your creation stories, so that she may lift you up and exalt your creations. She is there, come tide or full moon. She is there. Always. So, use her, because she wants to be used. It is her grace that her skills be used. She is here to assist all of the blessed children of the earth. During the full moon, clear all your woes. Let go. Ask her to help in this clearing. During the new moon, carry your dreams to exalted states and let her help you in amplifying your mighty creation stories. She is here to assist magnifying your creations throughout the month. Blessed be our beloved moon.

Reflections on the Message from Goddess Diana

Since last week, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Super Moon that just passed and of the transitions that will occur during the next few months with the Full- and New Moons. Although I did read a few emails, I did not put too much attention onto what is predicted in the future. What I find very important is where I place my attention in the NOW.

A few months back, I wrote this message from Diana and knew that I was supposed to keep it and release it when she comes and nudges me to do so. This weekend, I felt her nudge me in a big way. She feels like now is the perfect time, with the Super Moon that just passed and with this upcoming New Moon on May 20th.

Diana is known as the Goddess of the Moon. So many of us do not realize how much the moon can help us with releasing and manifesting our creations. I felt a strong urgency from her to please use the moon with our intentions. The moon is so grateful to be of service to us. You can call upon Diana for assistance during your times of communication with the moon. She and the energies of the Moons will be there in a flash to magnify your wishes.

I wish you all blessed times with the moon.




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