Invest – a Message from Archangel Michael

archangel_michael_investHello Everybody! I have a lovely reminder message from Archangel Michael to help Empower us to be the person we are meant to be! He has been strongly by my side, giving me the friendly nudge every now and then. I am very thankful for his guidance.

Message from Archangel Michael

Hark! I have come to remind you about the Essence of You. I have come to remind you to Invest and Re-Invest, yet again, and again, and again. When I say the word Invest, what is it you think of? Something outside of yourself? Invest is a terminology so wrongly used today. Today, Invest comes from getting something from the OUTSIDE to Invest in You Today. How is that possible? The truth is: Investment comes from within. You bring the In to the out, creating a vest-ment, or shall I say a cloak of the vested from within.

Be real. Be in truth. Acknowledge your powerful right to be Invested in You. Take care of your body. Nurture it. Take care of your Soul. Be one with your Mighty I AM Presence. Be your Power. Cloak your Mind, Body, and Spirit once more with the Power that IS YOU!

With this, I remain,

Archangel Michael


Reflection on Archangel Michael’s Message 

Archangel Michael is here to remind us to live in our Power now. Archangel Michael has been hanging out with me for the last year in a very strong way. He has been there to steer me in my true path of Empowerment. Archangel Michael is very bold and clearly states his message without the fluff. I did some research to look into the hidden meaning behind vestment and vested. A vested person would have been referred to in ecclesiastical terms, such as a vested priest, or a priest in robes. A vestment is the robe itself. Archangel Michael is sharing with us the original meaning behind the word Investment. Investment is the state you become once you are clothed with the Divine Robe. He is reminding you to wear your robe. Let the Divine within you come out and cloak you once more. Feel the Divine within every moment of your life. Remember this robe and wear it. Be the Investment.

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