Inspiration – A Message from Quan Yin

inspiration-a-message-from-quan-yin_640x480Happy New Year Everybody! Have you been Inspired lately? If so, have you listened to the inspiration and taken action? This month, Quan Yin has come by again to point us in the direction that will, ultimately, lead us to experiencing more Joy in our lives.

Inspiration – A Message from Quan Yin 

Beloved Children of the Light, have you ever felt the need for inspiration? Have you felt the dire thirst? To inspire means to live. To live means to expand. To expand means to reflect. To reflect means to shine ever more so in the brilliance of your expansion. Inspiration comes from the drop of God, the nectar, so to say. When you put your tongue out to catch the nectar, all will be well. There is such a sweet taste in your mouth. During this New Year, this year of 2012, enjoy the sanctity of this sweet nectar. It only takes one drop to feel the effervescence of the Spirit of God. Plunge into your inspiration and take steps towards creating your desires. Now is the time of expedience when manifestation occurs at a quickened rate. Live life with the spire that dwells within. Live 2012 with the powerful truth that you are. Inspiration.

I am Eternally,

Quan Yin

Reflection on the Message from Quan Yin

Quan Yin is gently reminding us of the importance to follow our inspiration. She is showing us that inspiration comes from the Divine. When we allow the inspiration to flow through us and take action to create that inspiration, magic occurs. We expand. Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you didn’t listen to the desire nudging you to go and create that extra special something? I know I have. And, have you ever felt that totally amazing feeling when you did take action to one of your inspirations? Wow, what a feeling! It feels good, because we are allowing the Divine to flow through us in a bigger way than ever before.

The manifestation energies of 2012 are quickening at even a faster rate than before. We will be seeing all kinds of amazing manifestations this year. Now is the time to start “living” as Quan Yin says. So, why not take that leap and enjoy living through with our inspirations. If we take a moment to listen to the Divine whispers, and then to take action, who knows what amazing possibilities we will be creating for ourselves. And, the best part of following what inspires you is that it can only be Fun!

Wishing you a wonderful time ahead, living through your inspirations!



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