How Can Reiki Help?

Wow. Hello Everybody!How_can_reiki_help┬áIt’s been awhile since I wrote and it now feels like the right time to write again. It’s funny how quickly time flies and next thing you know another year passes by.

As many of you know, life has changed quite significantly for me, so the topic of this letter is appropriate for me to talk about today. Recently, a few people asked me the simple question, “Genevieve, how does Reiki help?” Well, since a few people asked, I’d love to share with you my experiences.

When it comes to healing, I think so many people want the quick fix. Everybody seems to want to be healed instantly from all pain, all sickness, and any problems that are occurring in their lives. Wouldn’t that be amazing if that was possible? From my experience, over the years of treating people with Reiki since 2005, I have never witnessed every problem being healed instantly from having had a Reiki session. A new friend of mine who lived Reiki on a daily basis, recently died of a sudden disease that came on. Within 2 weeks, she passed away. She practiced Reiki for years and years.

Although, I have witnessed miracles when using Reiki over the years, I wouldn’t recommend using Reiki with the goal in mind to be healed from all of your woes.

I use Reiki every day. I have been using it every day for so many years now. It’s a way of life for me. I don’t use it to be miraculously healed. I use it, because it gives me a great deal of comfort in so many ways. It helps me to live my life with greater ease.

How Reiki has helped Me

I give myself Reiki every day. Reiki has performed physical healing miracles on me over the years:

I used to get menstrual cramps for years and years and years. After applying Reiki regularly to myself, these cramps have disappeared. When I would stop giving Reiki, they would come back.

I had a repetitive strain injury on my forearm for an entire year. It was so debilitating that I couldn’t do simple things like blow drying my hair the way I wanted to. It would hurt me to raise my arm, because I was using my tendons and ligaments to do this. I would be in pain typing. After a year, I said to myself, “Genevieve, why the heck are you not applying Reiki to your forearm?” So, every day, I started applying reiki. Within two months, the strain was gone. Miraculously healed.

When I would be housebound with a severe flu, my head would be so congested, that I gave myself Reiki for a full hour, starting with the head. After that session, the fluids would start being released from my head. The release of pressure from my head felt so good. I would be amazed every time this happened. I would have to go back and give myself Reiki again a few hours later, but I was glad I had Reiki to help ease my suffering.

I’ve had my share of communication, relationship, and post-relationship challenges. Throughout all of this, I have always connected to Reiki – Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy – to guide me along the way. The key to Reiki is to learn how to connect with this spiritual guidance – Rei – that I am referring to. When we learn how to connect with the Rei, life can become so much easier as we listen to the guidance from above. Even though, Reiki has performed some physical miracles on me, nothing compares to how Reiki has helped me emotionally. I am constantly listening to the Rei. I am constantly hearing its guidance. Because I am connected so much to the Rei, I am, on a daily basis, experiencing this tremendous love that comes from the Universe. It is so beautiful and it really touches my heart daily. I feel so loved and I never feel alone. I become a better person, because I am often listening to its guidance. When I look back over the years and think about how much I have changed, it’s pretty amazing. I find myself loving more and more people as the years go by. I could write an essay on how much love I experience from being tuned in and connected to the Rei in Reiki.

How Reiki has helped Others

While Reiki has helped me out a lot, I have also witnessed some beautiful miracles with others.

I always tell the story of how I was helping a friend of mine with cancer. I would come and see him once a week. While giving the treatment, as soon as my hands were under his head, the pain in his body would go for 24 hours. This was a miracle, you see, because he couldn’t sleep, since he was in so much pain. He was able to sleep during the night. It would give him such peace of mind. It touched my heart so much, even when I think about it to this day, of how pain would be relieved for him for a day. He suffered so much. He deserved to be pain free. It was so sad to experience, yet so beautiful at the same time.

Another friend of mine had a severe thyroid issue and was having to take medication for it. After having given Reiki and Zenith Omega treatments in combination with her personal times of meditation, her thyroid issue completely disappeared.

While giving Reiki to another person who had an acid reflux problem, I was given some exercise advice to share with the person. The advice seemed strange as the exercise focused on an area that had nothing to do with the stomach. As a result of applying this advice, her acid reflux problem disappeared.

Despite all the physical miracles that occurred above with other people, the most beautiful occurrences have occurred with my students who learned to give Reiki to themselves. I have witnessed such profound transformations with so many of them. Their lives and lifestyles have changed as a result of having received Reiki. They seem happier and less stressed. They feel empowered and are able to take on challenges with greater ease. They feel closer to themselves and to the beauty and love of the Divine. This is what gives me greatest joy.

Peace of Mind

So, my friends, these are just some examples I have experienced for myself and for others. When people ask me what Reiki is, I often don’t want to describe it. It is something that can’t really be described. It is something that needs to be experienced. It’s kind of like asking someone what Love is. How do you describe Love without changing what it really is?

For me, the largest and most beautiful impact Reiki has on me is that it gives me peace of mind. It helps to ease my heart when I am going through both physical and emotional challenges. It has taken away both my physical and emotional pains.

The icing on the cake is that it fills me with so much Love. How great is that?

I wish you a day, filled with Love.



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