Forgiveness and Transmutation – A Message from Quan Yin and St. Germain

quan_yin_st_germain_forgiveness_and_transmutationI am overjoyed that Quan Yin and St. Germain have come this month to give us a taste of their Wisdom teachings on Forgiveness and Transmutation

Let Forgiveness Shine – Message from Quan Yin

Beloved Friends, when was the last time you gave thanks to the Beauty Within You? When I speak of having Mercy, I am not only speaking of having Mercy on others. Have Mercy Within my Dear Ones. You are beautiful Beings. You are Blessed indeed.

In the mornings, upon awakening, feel the Sun Rising from Within. Feel the warmth of your beauty, for you do, truly, shine. You are my Sun as I am yours. Thank your Blessed Self for providing your day with such brilliance. Thank your Sun for Rising yet again. I thank you, Beloved Ones. I thank you.

Quan Yin


Have You Invited Joy to Supper? – Message from St. Germain

Well hello Friends! What a Joy it is to be speaking to You. Thank You! Now that the Sun has Risen once more in your Mornings, are you remembering in the Eve to Invite Joy to Supper Time? With Joy comes the Divine Flame of Transmutation, for Transmutation can only occur in the essence of Joy. In Joy, there is no room for anything but Joy. When someone laughs, does it not make you laugh too? What sweet Joy that moment is! I offer to you the Divine Violet Flame of Transmutation. Start, first, with the essence of Joy and the Violet Flame will come a-following, a-following, a-following! What a sweet melody! Cheers My Friends.

St. Germain


Reflection on the Messages from Quan Yin and St. Germain

Quan Yin is such a wonderful Ascended Master. There is so much love in her words. I can feel them as I write them. She really is the Goddess of Mercy. She emanates that from all aspects of herself. Her message is pretty clear – she is reminding us to give thanks to the beauty within. This is one area that many of us forget or have difficulty doing. She brings up the sunrise, because this is a perfect memory to feel grace and love. So many of us can relate to the beauty of a sunrise. When you remember that beauty, remember the beauty in you. You are as beautiful as that sunrise. In this moment of remembrance, give thanks to Your Beauty.

Wow! St. Germain is a funny guy. I could have probably written on and on with his Joyous Playfulness. What a great Ascended Master to hang out with! Jolly is what comes to mind when I think of him. He knows that we often sit at the dinner table feeling tired and looking forward to that meal to give us energy again. St Germain has a wonderful gift – the gift of the Violet Flame that is used for transmuting all which no longer serves us, so that we can feel Joyous and energized again. In this message, he is teaching us that the first step to resonating with the Violet Flame is to invite Joy into your life. When you are in the essence of Joy, the Violet Flame will come surging in with your intention.


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