Enjoy the Sun – A Message from Goddess Vesta

goddess_vesta_enjoy_the_sunGoddess Vesta has come by to provide us with a helpful tool – the Sun – to assist us with feeling a little lighter again and with basking in the essence of Joy that the Sun lovingly lives in.

Enjoy the Sun – A Message from Goddess Vesta

Are you feeling light lately? If not, would you like to feel a little lighter? The energy from the Sun and the energy from these times is Joyous indeed! We are at a delicious time when we are releasing all that feels heavy and beginning our summer with lightness. Can you feel the energy of the Sun shining upon you? Does it not bring you Joy? Take it in. Feel the joyousness of its wonderful delight. Let it nurture you. Let it give you its nutrients. As you release the heaviness with the help of the full moon on June 4th, you now give rise to a lighter body. Turn to the Sun to bask in its fruits of lightness. Let the Sun fill you with all the Joy you wish to feel in the upcoming days. Thank the Sun for providing you with Life. The Sun is here to provide you with nutrients and to lift your day with a bounce of energy. Because the Sun lives in the Light, the essence of the Sun is pure Joy. Enjoy the Sun. Enjoy!

Reflections on the Message from Goddess Vesta

When I was writing Vesta’s message, I kept seeing sunlight. I kept seeing the exact same yellow as the Sun. It felt so cheery, inviting, and warm. I could feel happiness as I connected with her. She is correct when she says that the Sun is resonating to the essence of pure Joy. I could only feel happy as I connected with her. How relieving and light that feels. Sometimes, I get in my own way and can feel a little heavy and not always happy. It felt like a friend came by to cheer me up. I would recommend you calling Vesta anytime when you want to feel a little cheering up and would like to add a lightness to your day.

It is interesting to note that she mentioned using the full moon to release heaviness and then using the Sun to fill yourself with lightness. As the spring has arisen, I have been feeling a lighter step in my walk and joyousness because of the Sun coming closer to us. I have felt so happy that the summer will be with us for awhile. So, when we think of the Sun, we can know that it helps us with more things than we may have realized. We have all understood that the Sun provides us with nutrients and energy as well as Vitamin D. It makes sense that the Sun would also provide us with a feeling of being uplifted. You can also connect with Vesta to feel her Joy and light-heartedness. Ahhhh, what a Joy!

I wish you all a lightness of being as you walk your steps.



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