Do You Remember to Stop, Look, and Listen? – Message from Archangel Gabriel

archangel_gabriel_stop_look_listenArchangel Gabriel has come to help remind us to pay attention to the beloved Archangels during times when we feel we are being catapulted into a whole new direction.

Do You Remember to Stop, Look, and Listen? – Message from Archangel Gabriel

I AM Archangel Gabriel and am here to remind you of the necessity to Stop, Look, and Listen. Times are vastly changing, and you may find that, over the months, things may start to feel like they are moving at lightening speed. I am here to aid you during times of great catapulting. When you feel you are being launched, I say Aye to you. Launch forth. But, before your launch, may I recommend you to Stop, Look, and Listen? When I say, “Stop, Look, and Listen”, I am referring to taking a moment to notice your surroundings. Before your new transformation, take a look at where you are right now. Look around and see what lies before you. Listen to the Archangels heralding you to move forward with your dreams. Notice how we are all celebrating your endeavours and your newly-awaited launch into an even bigger you. Notice, that we are here with you, every step of the way! Notice how you are being guided to take your next steps. Do not go astray during your endeavours. When you are about to be catapulted into a new launch, you may notice many thoughts crossing your path. This may feel chaotic at times. When this occurs, take a moment to breathe. Take a moment to listen. Take a moment to ask the Archangels to assist you with your next steps. Peace will prevail the moment you ask.

I am Archangel Gabriel, and I am here to assist you with your travels on this Earth. When you make changes in your life, call on me. I will be right there with you. I will help to show you the way, step by step. I will help to light a clear path, so that you may move effortlessly with your endeavours. You must, choose, however, to surrender to the help of the Archangels. Let me help. Let us help. Know this, as we are by your side, we are already in celebration of the vibrant pathway that lies before you. All you need to do is hold my hand and take the next step. So, remember to Stop, Look, And Listen my friends. The Archangels are surrounding you with their Love and Devotion to helping you every step of the way.

I Remain,

Archangel Gabriel

Reflections on the Message from Archangel Gabriel

There are times, when we are about to make big changes in our lives and, all of a sudden, we get either scared, or we become very busy-minded that we don’t know what steps to take. Sometimes, we see many pathways before us to the same outcome and wonder which one to take. Sometimes, we steer ahead like a bull and just go where our horns take us, without taking a moment to breathe. No matter which path we take, we may end up with the same outcome. Yet, we may have ended up choosing a path that had more hurdles. Archangel Gabriel would like to let us know that he can help us with our decision-making. We can ask Archangel Gabriel for clear guidance when we are at a fork in the road. Sometimes, excitement can get the better of us and it may not be too clear as to what the next best steps to take should be. Archangel Gabriel will come steadfast and help guide us on a clear path.

Archangel Gabriel also mentioned the changing times. Some of you may have noticed that time seems to move faster than it did years ago. He mentions this to us to prepare us with being able to take a moment to recognize what is going on and to remind us to Stop, Look, and Listen.

I wish you all a beautiful journey, remembering to stop, look, and listen.




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