Congratulations! – A Message from St. Germain

st_german_congratulationsSt. Germain has come by to help remind us about the importance of recognizing the flame shining within another person. We all need a pat on the back at times and St. Germain reminds us how nice it feels to be congratulated.

 Congratulations! – A Message from St. Germain

Salutations Everyone! Congratulations on a job well done! When was the last time you congratulated yourself or others? How does it feel when someone gives you a pat on the back? Have you forgotten how nice that feels? We may be spiritual beings living a physical experience, yet we all could use a helping hand every now and then. When you fall, does not someone reach out his hand to pick you up? Yes, indeed. You have come to earth to share with each other and to help transform your bitter experiences into pleasurable ones. In the Etheric realms, Angels are always praising and sending infinite love to one another. For, in the essence of love, one cannot refrain from sharing the bounty of it. When we share love in our every day, only love prevails. When we forget our innate beauty of infinite love, we become alone and do not share. To live means to share. Share in the love. Help others to remember that they come from love. When someone is feeling down, be an Angel and send her love. Do not wait until someone has accomplished a feat to congratulate her. Congratulate her for being that shining beauty. Congratulate him for being the person that he is. I AM St. Germain and am here to remind you about the powerful magic in transmutation. When your friend falls, pick him up, and you shall assist in transmuting the fears that lie within him. BE the Angelic embrace. BE the loving heart. Shine your brilliance so that others may remember the beauty that lies within. I congratulate YOU for waking up this morning and for continuing to shine your essence of Love. You are not alone. You are appreciated. The Angels are in awe of you walking this earth. Shine on my friend. Shine on.

Reflections on the Message from St. Germain

I have been very busy lately, working day and night for quite some time. I am moving towards living my dream. As I move towards it, I have been making sacrifices by working especially hard to get to that goal. St. Germain is one of the Ascended Masters who is with me every day. As a result of my experience, he has come here today to share with us the importance of patting someone on the back every once in awhile. He mentions that, although we are spiritual beings, we are still living a human experience. As such, there may be times when you or your friends may go through some struggles. I know it has been challenging for me to keep plugging away at it. I have kept on strong, though, regardless, with my dream in sight. Through this I have learned how beautiful it is to have someone say, “Wow, you are beautiful.” Through this, I have discovered the beauty and importance in remembering to say something congratulatory to someone else. As powerful and spiritual as we may be, we still fall at times and need that gracious hand to reach out to us to let us know we are loved and not alone. So, reach out to someone this month. If you can, reach out daily. Know what a difference you make in someone’s life when you extend your hand in love. St. Germain just gave me the embrace I needed, letting me know that all is well. You can also call on St Germain for assistance with transmuting any fears.

I’m sending you all a warm embrace as you go throughout your days.




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