Can You Envision the Patterns of Your Brilliance? – Message from Lord Melchizadek

patterns-of-your-brilliance-lord-melchizadekHello Everybody! In the beginning of the year, I was being shown that this year will be about undulating currents that will range from moving full speed ahead and feeling a lightness of being, to putting on the brakes and feeling a quietness and, at times, some difficult times. During the past week, I have felt a combination of feelings from sadness, tiredness, heaviness, and overwhelm. As a result, Melchizadek has shown up to remind me to call on him when I feel difficulties. I could feel clarity in his energy helping to, powerfully, remind me of Truth. I hope this helps you during times of need.

Can You Envision the Patterns of Your Brilliance? – Message from Melchizadek

I am Melchizadek and am here to help provide clarity to your world. The Universe is seen by me in its purest form of beautiful geometrical shapes. The shapes are crystal clear, unlike how you may, sometimes, see the world. The world is not as you know it. At times, your days may seem dreary; the night sky may not seem so brilliant; the day may feel as though it is filled with dark clouds. This is, indeed, a part of your world as a lovely human being, living in the dualistic world, where, on occasion, hardships can cross your paths. During those times, when you may feel a little down, or the load may feel a little heavy, call upon my Light Spirit to help lift you during those dark days. I can help bring clarity during those tough times that you may trod. I am like a crystal clear glass of water. Imagine yourself feeling all muddied over in the mind and diving into a beautiful crystal clear stream. Ah, your mind is once more renewed and cleared of debris. I am the master of sacred geometry and, hence, of transmutation. I can help bring a lighter feeling to your day, as all the frequencies I work with are of crystal clear eminence. Allow me to help remove the veil of illusions from your day. You need not walk this world alone. Let me help cloak you in the magic of Light. Feel the beauty of the Truth of who you are. Feel the beauty of the Truth of the Light of the Universe. The Universe, including the world, and you are all magnificent geometrical creations that stem from the Source of All That Is. Let me show you your own beautiful, unique sacred pattern. Like a flower with its own beauty, you, too, have a painting that emanates its brilliance. You walk this world with beautiful, magical gifts; the gift of life; the gift of patterns and the gift of beauty. Everything surrounding you is also made up of the most amazing, breath-taking paintings. Let me help you envision this beauty and breath in its joy and light, so that you may walk your days with Lightness in your Being.

I wish you Brilliant Days Ahead,

Call on Me, My Friends,


Reflections on the Message from Melchizadek

When Melchizadek came to provide this message, he came with crystal clarity. I could also feel a very light being. He really was making me feel as though I was in a pure essence, like crystal clear water. He wanted me to feel how reality feels like. When we break away from illusions, we are bathing in reality. During times when I feel heavy and down, he wants to remind me that I am living in illusion. He wants so desperately to help take away these burdens. When we allow him to help, he can show us his world of patterns and clarity. He shares with us that we are our own unique pattern. Everything in this Universe is made up of geometric patterns when you look at it under a microscope. There is so much beauty in a snowflake, for instance, when you look at it at such a microscopic level. The same exists for us. He wants to remind us that we don’t have to be alone. He, as well as others, are here to help us live our lives with ease when we allow them to assist us. I am grateful that he came to remind me of such amazing clarity that there really is in the Universe. He is someone who likes to have fun and who feels joy at all times. When I connect with him, it is quite nice, because I can feel his joy. He is like one of your best friends who comes along and helps uplift you with a smile. All we have to do is ask, and he will be right there waving his Magic of Lightness.

I wish you all a beautiful month!

With Love and Smiles,



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