Are Your Desires Flowing with Your Imagination? – Message from Archangel Raphael

archangel_raphael_desires_flowing_with_imaginationHappy November Everybody! It sure has been a difficult end of October for so many people with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. My heart goes out to all those people who may have experienced losses due to this event. Archangel Raphael has come to also send his condolences and to also offer up some advice on the topic of manifesting. We all have desires and wish things could come true in our lives. Well, apparently, according to Archangel Raphael, these desires will be occurring even more so than they have in the past. He has some advice on how to handle all these desires….

Are Your Desires Flowing with Your Imagination? – Message from Archangel Raphael

Hello Everybody! How have you been? How have you, REALLY, been? For some of you, times may have been a bit of a struggle lately. I have come to offer you my heart for those of you who have felt struggles lately and also for those of you who have experienced them at some time during your lives. When I am around, you can feel me or imagine me to be in your heart.

So many people have experienced hardship, because of our friend Hurricane Sandy. She came with gusto and left a mark behind. Some of you may not have experienced the torrential weather, yet may have had emotional or physical symptoms due to this hurricane. To you all, I lend my heart. Let yourself be enveloped in my emerald green ray. Feel yourself comforted during times of need. You are not alone. I am here to share there are so many Angels and Beloved Ones standing alert upon your hearkened call. When the horn sounds, we come to assist in whatever way is needed.

So, know this, none of us are alone. We are all surrounded by the beauty and love of the Divine. All of Us. When you feel down, please know We are here.

With the changing weather patterns and changing times also come the strong desires for change within so many of you. Have you been feeling a strong yearning for change lately? I am here to say, many of you will, indeed, be feeling strong desires for change, as a result of the changing times as of lately. This is normal and wonderful all at the same time. Beware; when a feeling arises within you, seeking change, the body may feel chaotic, confused, or very centred, depending upon your state of mind. Know this, you can all feel very centred, rather than feeling chaos or confusion. When there is a desire for change, a thirst must arise. Your imagination must run wild. You must feel the change within you, before it even manifests in the physical. Like a child who plays along with her imagination, you, too, must allow yourself to play along. When you play along with your imagination, chaos cannot ensue. Chaos occurs when the desire is not allowed to flow into the imagination. The mind and physical body ends up feeling this chaos as explosions of desire erupt within you without you allowing it to flow further into your imagination. Allow yourself to explore the depths of your desires. Allow your thirst to be quenched in your imagination. When you do this, the flow of your manifestations comes pouring towards you with the most brilliant outcomes.

Now is the time to take heed in the most magnificent changing of times. For some, manifestations will be coming in at a much quickened rate. For others, it could be confusing as chaos ensues. So, my friends, I have come to share with you my heart. I have come to remind you to let yourself play. Play with your heart. Play with your new, heightened desires. Allow your fields of imagination to blossom. Allow yourself to soar above your beautiful fields. Let these new energies of desires flow into your life, so that you may manifest the most spectacular outcomes.

I am here to aid you, in any way you wish. Please, call on me. Feel me in your heart. I am there.

In love, I remain….

Archangel Raphael

Reflections on the Message from Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael has a lot to share with us this month. First and foremost, he is reaching out his heart to us, because some of us may have experienced some difficult times lately. Sometimes, we all need a little hug from someone, letting us know all is well. He is here to let us know that he cares and is sending his love to us. So many people experienced and are still experiencing some very difficult times as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Archangel Raphael is lending out his hand. How nice it is to know that Angels really do care. They have a big heart and want us to know they are here upon our call. Angels are so filled with love for humankind.

Archangel Raphael then furthers his talk about the topic of desire. I kept hearing Bob Dylan’s Song, The Times, They Are A-Changin’. In fact, I heard these words over and over again as I wrote Archangel Raphael’s message. He would like us to know that this time is definitely changing at a quickened rate. This means that manifestations are occurring much quicker for some, if they so choose them to. Because of this, he would like to warn us that if we do not utilize our tool of imagination, we might end up feeling some chaos within. When we do not let the energy flow, it can affect us physically and mentally. In this case, it would mean that some of us may feel chaos, if we do not allow our desires to play a little in the imagination. When we play in our imagination, our desires will manifest as we draw our attention to the flow of our imagination with our desires. That being said, let it flow, my friends, let it flow and have fun playing!

I wish you all beautiful and fun times in your imagination.



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