Are You Noticing Your Nature Friends – Message from Green Man

green_man_nature_friendsGreen Man would like to share with us our innate connections we have with Mother Earth.

Are You Noticing Your Nature Friends? – Message from Green Man

Are you remembering to observe the beauty in Nature, even during the Winter time? Your nature-spirited friends would love to have a visit. And, I must say, it would also do you some good. We have computerized our worlds so much, looking at the lovely photos on the screen, yet we forget to see the beauty in the fallen branch that has no leaves. Some of you have winters and can see the barren trees during this time. Now is the time to be able to see such beauty in each unique curve of each branch. There is a tapestry of lines when you look upon a tree with all of its swaying and twined branches. We nature friends are here, guided by Mother Earth, to share with you the gifts and offerings that Mother Earth bestows. We welcome you to go out and visit your nature friends and receive the offerings Mother Earth has to share.

I am Green Man and am here to help protect and nurture Gaia. You are a part of Gaia and, as such, I am also here to help guide you with the teachings Mother Earth has to share. Come with me. Take my hand. I’d like to show you the bounties of the land. Forget her not, for you, truly, are a part of her. When you connect with her, you also connect deeper with yourself. This is her wish for you.

Your friend in Nature,

Green Man

Reflections on the Message from Green Man

When I connect with Green Man, I get the typical images that one sees when one does a search on the internet. I see a forested face that is green. I feel the green nature when he comes. I also feel a very friendly and wise being. There is a subtle message that Green Man is trying to say; when being in nature, there is always a lovely connection we can make with nature, but we can also delve deeper with the nature beings. If you would like to have hidden knowledge of Mother Earth, all you have to do is ask. You might find yourself connecting with Mother Earth in a whole new way.

Since childhood, I have always felt very connected to nature and to Mother Earth. I always felt like I was a part of her. In fact, we are made of carbon, just like the Earth. We resonate to the Earth. Because of this, we have a very strong ability to connect with the nature beings.

I invite you to remember to take some walks out in nature and breathe it in. For those of you in the North, go ahead and enjoy the bare branches and the winter snow. There is such beauty in connecting with the winter scenes.

All My Love,



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