Are You Following Your Own Heart? – Message from the Fairy of Clarity

fairy_of_clarity_follow_your_heartHappy New Year Everybody! This past week was wonderful for me, visiting with friends and family and just taking it easy. I spent the week relaxing, relaxing, and doing a little more of relaxing. That’s about it. And, now begins the New Year with the typical feeling of expectations of how to bring about this New Year. A wonderful Fairy came to me with a very strong Irish accent. She did not give her name, but rather her purpose. She is the Fairy of Clarity and has some sound advice regarding goal setting….

Are You Following Your Own Heart? – Message from the Fairy of Clarity

And, a Good Cheer I am wishing to you All! Have you felt the prosperity of knowing that what you crave for you get? Have you ever yearned for something so strongly and, before your very own eyes, it appears? Aye, there is a wee heart within us all that sounds the horn loud indeed. I am the voice of Clarity and have come to share with you what it means to bring in the New Year! So many of us wish upon change and fall prey to the illusion that change comes with following rules that others have expressed. Nay, I say! Follow your own heart. You remember who that is. There is a wee heart within all of us, that when listened too, can trumpet loud indeed. You are all unique, my friends, and have the ability to hear you very own calling. So, call away. Call away your heart’s desires and listen, my friends. Listen to what your heart is yearning for.

There have been splashes of advertisements telling you that losing the weight is the way to go, or better yet, how to lose weight in 10 easy steps. Then, there are those of you who have career goals in mind. You have heard the promise of following the 20 DO’s and the 100 DO NOT’s. When you read them, has your heart ever, yelled, “Stop!” Success in any endeavour does not lie in any magic formula that I or anybody else can give you. Success in your goals comes from listening to your very own heart. So, listen. Don’t be afraid if your heart is telling you to take steps that are different from the Norm. Don’t be afraid if your heart is showing you other ways to reach your goals that don’t lay out the most common steps. Let your own heart decide. Let it be your friend. For, it really knows best.

I am the Voice of Clarity and am hear to ask you to please go to Your Very Own Heart when making New Year’s resolutions. Forget the cookie-cutter layouts that millions have already planned out for you. Take your own path. Soar and be free. Belly laugh to your heart’s extent. I am laughing with you. All the Way!

Fairy of Clarity

Reflections on the Message from the Fairy of Clarity

This message was perfect for me. Over the past several years, I have come across many situations where people have given me advice on how to take the next steps in my life. Some of the advice given has been quite helpful. I have also heard of some very useful information in terms of how to run a business and the steps to take to make it successful.

There is one large caveat, however. That wee heart in me, as the Fairy of Clarity talks about, becomes very large indeed the moment I feel something not resonating the truth of how my path should take me.

We have been brought up with rules to guide us through our lives. Our families and society have taught us some essential rules in order to live safely and how to take our next steps in life.

The Fairy of Clarity was a very strong fairy and, actually, very loud. I could hear her quite clearly. She really wants to let us know to not be afraid to take the steps that WE feel are right in order to achieve our goals or dreams, whatever they may be. We tend to believe all the hype regarding the proper steps to take. There has always been a little fire in me that screams out, whenever I am told how to take my steps. Thank goodness for that fire. There, however, has also been the fear inside of me, for wanting to follow my heart. Because, over the years, I have been so conditioned by society, propaganda, advertisements about the correct way of doing things, I automatically, have gone into a fear mode of not following the correct way. Luckily for me, and the wonderful Fairies, Angels, and Ascended Masters, I tend not to go astray from my heart for too long.

My heart says to your heart right now: You are a wonderful Human Being. Your heart is beautiful. Your heart has a voice and it is the RIGHT voice. You know how to listen to it. Sometimes it takes courage to follow it. I guarantee you, your voice is the most powerful voice with knowing how to set your goals for all your wonderful dreams and desires. So, go ahead and follow your heart when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions. Your heart knows exactly how to achieve those resolutions.

The Fairy of Clarity is inviting us all to bring out our own creativity to discover how to make our very own, unique steps.

Thank you for being a part of my life in your own unique way. I celebrate each and every unique step you make, however you choose to make your steps.

With Love,



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