Are You Feeling Peace? – Message from Goddess Maria Lionza

goddess_venezuela-feel-peaceHello Everyone!

Today marks December 24th, 2013, a day that includes a mixed day of emotions for many and, for others, it may be just another day. Whatever the day is for you, I wish you a day filled with Peace.

Goddess Maria Lionza – a Goddess of Venezuela has come to share a message with us to assist us with feeling peace in our every day.

Are You Feeling Peace? – Message from Goddess Maria Lionza

Welcome Peace Makers and Nay Sayers. You are all Divine in the Kingdom of Love. I Greet you all with Kindness and Respect. Welcome, I say. Welcome.

As you greet your own days, waking up each morn, I welcome you to take a hold of yourself and greet your own kingdom come inside your very own heart and soul. There lies the key to peace. As you go about your day today, be it in celebration or quiet contemplation, ask yourself, how stable is my mind today? Is my mind coordinating with the sinews of my heart? Observe your sweet mind, and when you find it astray towards unloving thoughts, I invite you to redirect its thoughts towards the crevice of your heart. Therein lies peace and therein lies the only truth, my beloved friends.

You are all beautiful, powerful, loving, and so divine. Can you taste the sweet nectar you behold? I invite you, each day, to take your gaze upwards towards the bright blue sky, or to the powerful, cloudy day, and even to the brilliant night sky and feel the power of the universe filling you with its peace and reminding you of your connection to all that is. You are not separate from this sky, nor are you separate from any living being in this galaxy. Feel the beauty of this magnificence, called you, called US.

I wish you all a day and days ahead filled with bounteous Peace. You are this. WE are this. We are One. Amen.

Goddess of Venezuela

┬áReflections on Goddess Maria Lionza’s Message

Goddess Maria Lionza is a new Goddess for me. I have never heard of her before. She seems quite beautiful, indeed. She represented herself to me as the Goddess of Venezuela.

She has a very key message, which is very useful to me. There are times when I may feel irritated with myself or with loved ones. During this time, I am, definitely, not feeling peace. She is reminding us to remember that we are all one. She is asking us to take note where our mind is hanging out and to gently direct our mind back to our heart. It may not be easy to do, but when we do that, we shall find peace again, and we shall feel beauty within the other person and within ourselves.

I wish you all a day today filled with a well of love that keeps flowing over.


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