Are you Celebrating the Little Things in Life? – A Message from St. Germain

st_germain_celebrate_little_things_in_lifeNamaste Everybody! Do you see the beauty in you? Namaste is a very powerful word – the Divine in Me bows to the Divine in You. You are so beautiful, I am speechless. When we are shimmering with the Divine, we can see the shimmering of the Divine within others. We are all equal and we are all beautiful. We are all Love. Sometimes, we forget this about ourselves, because we can be hard on ourselves. St. Germain has come to share a wonderful message to remind us of our beauty. This is cause to celebrate!

Congratulate Yourself – A Message from St. Germain

Congratulations! When was the last time you Celebrated YOU? What steps have you made recently that you are proud of? You may be thinking right now, wondering in a very difficult manner as to what accomplishments you have made. Hush, I say. Your mind is thinking too much. Let me assist you in reveling all the bounteous things you do every day….

I can guarantee that you have done at least one of these things recently. Have you put a smile on someone else’s face? Have you lifted someone up when he or she was feeling down? Have you nourished your loved ones with a wonderful meal? Have you spent the time to listen to someone else’s heart? Have you shared your own heart recently and had someone else listen to you? Have you brushed your teeth, combed your hair, and put on some nice clothes that made you feel good? Have you nourished yourself with some quiet time? The list could go on and on, my friends. These little things we do in life are worth celebrating yourself for. You are living life! When you live life, you heart goes into so many things that you do. These little things are BIG things in the eyes of your loved ones and in the eyes of the Angels. You do not have to do magical feats to be an amazing person. You are, simply, Amazing. Let yourself feel this. The next time you look in the mirror, celebrate the wonderful little things you do in life. Celebrate the fact that you are living life, taking one step at a time. Each breath you take is a miracle in the eyes of the Angels. Each ounce of love you send to yourself and the Universe is another time we celebrate for having you in this world. So, why not celebrate your beauty with us? Join us – we are having a party right now, on the other side!

Reflections on the Message from St. Germain

In my last Newsletter, I shared the message from Archangel Raphael about the need to slow down at times and to know that all is well. In my April Newsletter, I shared a message from St. Germain, reminding us of the importance of giving a pat on a back to someone else, congratulating him or her for a job well done. In this Newsletter, I was surprised to have St. Germain come back again to talk about congratulating once more. This time, though, he is sharing the need to congratulate yourself. In other words, don’t be so hard on yourself. He shares with us that the Angels are celebrating every little thing we do in life. They don’t have to be big things. Saying hello to someone with a smile on our face is reason enough to celebrate the beauty of who we are. We come from love and living life means to live in that love. Life can sometimes take its toll on us, and St. Germain is there to remind us that we are amazing. Every breath we take is amazing. Every breath we take unites us with the Divine Love from within. There is love in every breath we take. That, too, is enough to celebrate how beautiful we are in sharing this love. As we inhale, we inhale love. As we exhale, we exhale love. Energy is Love. Love is Energy. We are a part of this essence of Love.

When I connect with St. Germain, I feel a very jolly fellow, who likes to smile and laugh a lot. He is here to remind me today about the great things in the little things in life. Have you ever picked up an autumn leaf, spending a moment to capture in the beauty of such a small thing on this planet? Even something as small as a leaf has beauty and love encapsulated within it. It’s the little things in life that sometimes matter the most. So, why not celebrate you today? Make yourself a nice tea, wrap yourself up in a cosy blanket and drink the tea with joy in your heart, knowing you deserve a little tender loving care. When you nurture yourself, you honour and celebrate the beauty in you. Just like the leaf, you don’t have to do big things to be beautiful. Just being is already a reason for celebration.

I wish you all lovely times of celebrating yourself.




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