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genevieve_home_200x270I remember when I was a little girl at about the age of four, I was hanging out in my parents’ living room. I really wanted to listen to some spiritual music, and so I picked my favourite album out of the spiritual records my parents owned and put it on the record player. I sat there, in the living room, all alone, completely content and at peace, singing to the music. I remember feeling a knowingness inside of me. I felt at peace with who I was at such a young age. I found myself often very happy just being by myself and resonating to that quietness within. This quiet haven was my home then and has been to this day.

As I grew older, I found my best friend in nature. I remember camping as a teenager for six weeks at Lake Erie. During that time, I started to learn how to speak to the trees and with the birds. To my surprise, I discovered the trees dancing for me, the wind speaking to me, and the birds blessing me and providing me with a magical gift. I also remember feeling like I could never share this with anybody, because they would not be able to relate with me. I felt I had friends that no one knew of, because I couldn’t really describe what I felt. Have you ever experienced something magical in your life and felt uncomfortable to share it? It wasn’t until later in my life that I felt Empowered to share what I, truly, know.

Back in my twenties, I started swaying away from my nature friends and began developing more friendships with people. This was when both my heart and intellectual parts of me opened up even further to people. I ended up wanting to use my intellect in the corporate world in a way that would impact the hearts of people. The corporate world helped me to overcome my shyness. I learned how to empower others by speaking my truth and by seeing the beauty within every individual. Even though I felt I was at a good place in my career, I had a nagging feeling inside of me, telling me that there was more that I was meant to do. I trusted this instinct, and took my first steps towards asking the Universe and my Higher Self to help guide me the way. I’m sure all of us come to a point in our lives when we need help and just ask. Do you remember those times when you have surrendered to asking the Universe or your Higher Self for guidance? My saving grace was that I listened. I listened and took baby steps, what others may consider leaps and bounds. To me, they were baby steps that catapulted me to Divine, Sacred experiences and to tremendous growth.

Not too long after my asking the Universe for guidance, my brother passed away. After his passing, he came to me and shared with me a vision of myself as a Light Worker with energy coming out of my hands like they always did out of his. I had no real concept of that idea until later of what he truly meant. Many beautiful years have gone by since that moment. I am so moved when I reminisce on that vision, because I realize my brother gifted me with the most expansive present I could ever receive. Since that time, my heart has expanded even more – with myself, with nature, and with people. I am truly moved beyond words. I have discovered what it feels like to be Graced and Empowered with the Guidance and Wisdom of My Higher Self, the Angels, and the Ascended Masters. I have learned to nurture and honour myself and to expand in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I have discovered the sacred power in asking. I have experienced tears of Joy in my heart when I see a client witness and BE the Empowered Divine Spark that lies within. Are you ready to feel Aligned, Empowered, Alive, and Abundant, so that you can live your life’s purpose in a way that feels so fantastically amazing to you? I would be honoured to share with you the Sacred Wisdom and Guidance that has been offered me over the years so that you too can witness sacred tears of joy on your cheeks for the Powerful Divine Beauty that YOU are. Contact Me or Set-Up An Appointment Online today, so we can start with your expansion into full empowerment.


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