The Promise of Peace – A Message from Archangel Metatron

archangel_metatron_promise_of_peaceHello Everybody! Has this past month been a bit of a challenge for you? Or, are you noticing many changes occurring in your life right now? Archangel Metatron has come by to help ease us during our times of chaos, so that we can walk with more Joy in our lives during these challenges.

The Promise of Peace – A Message from Archangel Metatron

Chaos. When you hear this word, can you recall the feeling of agitation? When chaos occurs in your life, do you see that Divine order lies ahead? Whenever there is chaos, the Universe must naturally reorder itself. Our natural state is peace, for we come from love. When we grow, often agitation occurs. To make life easier on yourself, try and be the observer during these challenging times. When you observe the chaos within, automatically order ensues. This must be so. I share this with you, because times are evolving, ascensions are occurring. As a result, you may feel shifts within your body and mind. You may feel easily annoyed by situations occurring in your life. Rest assured, these are little growth spurts happening right now. Let this be okay. As you would a child, give yourself a few nurturing pats on your shoulder. Be the observer and before you know it, order arises and peace returns. Yet, this peace will be a new peace, because you will have landed in a new place. A place that is even more peaceful and beautiful than the last. All is Well.

I Remain,


Reflection on the Message from Archangel Metatron

Lately, I have been feeling a little challenged with so many growth spurts. Archangel Metatron is lovingly reminding me that these growth spurts are natural and they are for the betterment of myself. He reminds me to honour myself within these changes.

Have you ever been hard on yourself when you have gone through moments of change? I know I have many times. Have you ever been hard on yourself, because these moments have taken longer than you had desired? That’s me again! 2012 is a time of great change. Our creative juices are flowing abundantly right now. You may be feeling like you want to be doing a hundred new projects all at once. Tremendous excitement and frustration may be occurring at the same time.

My lesson I have been learning lately, is that we can only go as fast as we can go. That’s it. When we become the observer of the “chaos”, we honour who we are at this moment in time. We give ourselves a little breather. We say, “It’s okay. I am going to nurture you right now.” As soon as we do this, a big sigh of relief occurs. We take a big breath and feel relieved to know that we are okay.

When we can take this moment to honour ourselves and to honour our own phases of growth, we grow as individuals in the exact way we need to grow. We grow in our own divine timing.

We are all unique individuals. You and I. All unique. We all have our own precious gifts. These gifts we develop in our own unique ways. Honour your way in developing your gift.

Archangel Metatron is showing us a way to make our changes a bit easier on ourselves. He is reminding us of the Natural Law of Order. When we become the observer to chaos, order must occur. Because we are love, when we put our attention to that which is not in harmony in the moment, the disharmony will resonate to harmony.

You can also ask Archangel Metatron to help you during your times of agitation. He will come with great reassurance, letting you know that all is well.

Wishing you all harmony in your lives.



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