There is a Newness of Each Day – Message from Mother Mary

mother_mary_newness_of_each_dayMother Mary has given us a lovely, inspirational message for our holidays to remind us about the Newness of Each Day. Let us begin with the sacred message from Mother Mary.

There is a Newness of Each Day – Message from Mother Mary

Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy New Year to You! This planet is ever-changing, ever-expanding, and so are YOU! Have you forgotten this important key? The illumined path is the one that you walk upon. Ahh…. such beautiful footsteps. I hear your steps and feel them as grace walking the earth. I am a witness to your illumination. This Christmas Season, enjoy the miracles of Joy shining upon all those benevolent human beings. Such joy there is in the rosy cheeks of yours! Rest and play and sing happy cheers, for it is a great time to celebrate You as well as the Christ. In the New Year, such tribulation of the days ahead begins. In the New Year, experience the Newness of each day that unfolds, as I feel the newness of each step you take on Mother Earth. Each day is like a breath of fresh air. The New Year is a time to celebrate the Day of Each Day. The New Year is a time to live in the Birth of Your Every Day. I thank you for blessing this ground with your sweet feet.

Mother Mary

Reflection on the Message from Mother Mary

I felt such a strong and caring presence with Mother Mary as I was writing her words above. As I read over and over again the message above, I realized there were so many lovely messages within it. We are witnessing an amazing time where expansion is occurring at quickened rates. I am amazed at how quickly thoughts manifest these days. During this ever-expansive time, Mother Mary is reminding us that we, too, are illumined beings and are also ever-changing and ever-expanding. Take some time during the holidays to nurture yourself and feel the grace of your footsteps on Mother Earth. Feel the benevolence in yourself as Mother Mary sees it in us. You, too, are a shining star and are as beautiful as the sun.

During the New Year, many of us have a tendency to think about the year ahead and of how we want to change ourselves so that our year is a better year. Mother Mary mentions tribulations, because we often focus on the tribulations in order to change something. We create long goals, so that, one day, we will overcome one of the things that bothers us so much. Some of us have a goal to exercise so that one day we will enjoy ourselves 6 months down the road when we are fit. Nothing is wrong with that. Yet, when we focus on just that, we forget to celebrate the Newness of Each Day. Each day is, truly, a special day. A beautiful reminder for us is watching a lovely baby who is only a few months old. Each day, this baby smiles and thinks about the Newness of not the day, but of each moment. Mother Mary is suggesting to why not make our goal in the New Year to Enjoy Each Day as a New Day.



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